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U disk to create running Win98 super mini

In addition to storing data, a small U disk can be done? Have you thought about installing a operating system on it then? Do not believe, today, let U disk in your coat a size of only 50MB Windows 98, it now is the perfect "Startup Disk", like how to play on how to play, a U disk and my friends quickly Come together!

First, several essential tools

鈼?Windows 98 installation source files
鈼?requires Windows 95 installation CD in the explorer.exe, notepad.exe, write.exe, comdlg32.dll and shell32.dll files, which are included in the Windows95 Security compressed package.

Windows 95, the five papers must be installed with the Windows 98 version of the same language, I use the Simplified Chinese version, also if you want to slim down Windows 98 to the extreme, it is recommended to use the English version of the system, it does not include the Chinese language package, only this one can "thin out" the capacity of 10MB.

Second, make flash boot disk

We use USBOOT to produce flash boot disk. First insert the flash disk, then run Usboot.exe, then a warning window will pop up, do not bother, just click "OK."

After the program will detect your hard drives and flash drives, flash drives is selected, then click on "Click here to select the mode of" entry, and in its next select "ZIP mode" so that board will be considered a flash disk ZIP drive, it starts the flash drive letter is A:, if you select the HDD mode, then start the flash drive on C:, it would be an error when installing the system.

Now click "Start", then a warning will pop-up window, I suggest you backup the entire U disk, click "OK" to format until the progress window (Figure 1). When the formatting is completed, the window will display "Please re-plug U disc," Here we unplug the flash, then you can then plug the back, the program will start automatically written to the flash file, when writing to the conclusion that successfully produce a flash boot disk.

USBoot is working

Third, the use 98lite thin

Step 1: Restart the system and insert the boot disk make a good flash, when the system interface into the self-test, press the Del key to enter the BIOS settings, and then in the "BIOS FEATURES SETUP" key, the "BOOT Sequence (start order)" is set to USB-ZIP, and then press F10 to save and exit, the computer will boot from the flash and enter DOS mode.

Step 2: make a good flash boot into DOS boot disk after the state at the command prompt run 98lite the implementation of the program, this 98lite.exe Setup program is located in the folder, you can see the program after the implementation of the interface ( Figure 2).

98Lite the program interface

Step 3: From Figure 2 we can see the screen prompts to install 98lite need to create the folder, the default path is D: 98LITESETUP, you can press Enter to confirm, we can also customize the installation folder, as long as the "> > "the cursor and enter the path.

Step 4: Next, you need to specify the store in the hard drive Windows 98 source files. Press Enter, the screen that appears, enter Windows 98 installation files, such as the installation files I stored in F: Win98se folder, so this just type d: win98se and press Enter.

Step 5: Then the program will copy the Windows 98 installation files to D: 98LITESETUP folder, when the copy will go to the next screen after, 98Lite will recognize your Windows 98 version, and then continue to press any key (do not press ESC Exit ) to the next step.
Step 6: When the "CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWING IPTIONS" screen, will see four options. Only the first one and 4 are available, the first four to uninstall, in the first one to choose to install Windows 98 (Figure 3).

Select the first one to install Windows 98

Step 7: After the completion of the above operations, the installation interface will appear four options (Figure 4), one of the "1.SLEEK" that use the Windows 95 shell, there is no integrated IE. The "2.CHUBBY" said minimum install IE, retained the toolbar and can quickly start menu and start menu for editing.

Select a project to start

"3.OVERWEIGHT" said fully integrated IE, the last of the "4.98MICRO" said maximum delete all bundled components on Windows 98. So we opted for four key minimize installation file.

Step 8: Next, install the interface will appear on 98MICRO installation description, press any key to enter the next step, then the program will ask you whether to use the Windows 98 system files detector, if you select "Y" then the installation will be more more than 10MB of files, in order to minimize installation, in which to select "N".

Step 9: Now there "EXTAACT WINDOWS95 EXPLORERFILES" interface requirements specified in the Windows 95 system file location 5, press Enter, and then the screen that appears, type five files to the folder path (Figure 5) .

Specify the location of the file

Step 10: Enter, will copy the 5 files to D: 98LITESETUP folder and mandatory compliance operations (Figure 6), a total of two steps, which take a few minutes, when the execution will be automatically after to prepare for the new installation option to install files, this step also requires a few minutes.

Installation process

Step 11: When ready, the program will prompt you in the next step in the system as a routine test, press the Enter key to enter the Windows 98 disk detection screen, if the error will automatically be restored, to be After testing out of detection by X, then the installation of Windows 98 can see the screen (Figure 7).

To install the


Step 12: Press "C" key to continue the installation, and then there's the "Select Directory" window, select the "other directory" item, click "Next" in the "change directory" window installation directory is set to flash directory, and then click "Next", then a warning window will appear, click "Yes" to continue.

Step 13: Now we have to carry out the installation of Windows 98, in the event of "Setup Options" screen, select "Customize", then there's the "Select Components" window, remove all components of the selected state (such as Figure 8), so after installation of the system smaller, the final installation method in accordance with the normal operation can be completed.

Install Windows 98, select the components

4, after the installation of further downsizing

When using 98Lite install the system, we see the installation file size is only 110MB or so, it needs 200MB, compared with the original have been reduced by half, we have the following files by removing unnecessary to further achieve the "thin" purpose.

Step 1: Use the Windows 98 boot disk U into the system, open U disk of Windows installation directory, we delete one of the INF, SYSTEM32, SYSBCKUP and Media and other folders (including the file), this would save up about 20MB capacity.

Step 2: Open the FONT folder, then delete the inside than outside the Times New Roman and all the Marlett font, so in turn save 20MB of space.

Step 3: enter the system folder, delete all the input files, this will save the 10MB of space, the input method and the corresponding file in the following table, also can delete MINI.CAB and MINI1.CAB two archive files and Color folder color profile.

Step 4: Delete the C drive directory except IO.sys, MSDOS.sys and COMMAND.COM beyond all files (including hidden files), then by searching to find and delete the *. hlp, *. chm, *. cnt, * . bmp, *. Gif, *. bak, *. chk and *. txt files and all other garbage.

Step 5: Right-click the desktop "My Computer" and click "Properties", Then open "System Properties" window Click "Properties 鈫?Virtual Memory", and then open the window, select the "specify my own virtual memory settings "item, and select the" Disable Virtual Memory "entry (Figure 9), and finally click" OK "and restart the system, this will save the 10MB of space.

Virtual memory management

After more than thin, you will be surprised to find U-disk on Windows 98 only takes up less than 50MB of space, a Windows 98 system in Bahrain, after flash there is room for more than half of it useless. The graphical interface has a "start" U disk, can be far from the DOS system comparable to those cold Oh.


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